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2/8/2011 - Justin Brayton on MXTALK Radio Tonight


Another Tuesday night and another show packed with awesome guests starting with JGR / Muscle Milk’s Justin Brayton. Justin has been on the verge of a podium finish this year amongst what is likely the most stacked group of talent we’ve seen in two decades. He’s had a couple rough races in this young season, but he rallied back to grab his best finish yet at Anaheim 2 this past weekend. We’ll catch up with Justin and talk to him about his strengths, speed, bike and team. If we’ve got time we might even ask him what he thinks of his new nickname ‘The SituBrayton’.


Be sure and tune in for our LIVE show at 7pm Pacific this Tuesday and every Tuesday at www.mxtalkradio.com where you can listen in, and new for 2011, watch us do our LIVE Show on the Video webcast.



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