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12/3/2012 - Brayton Wins Geneva Night 2 by Racer X


Night two of the 2012 Geneva Supercross was much like night one, with JGR Toyota Yamaha’s Justin Brayton taking an uncontested main event win to go 1-1 over the two nights. Brayton grabbed the lead in the first straightaway from surprise holeshot-from-the-outside Eric Sorby and rode strong to win his sixth main event in a row here over five years.


The rider who finished second last night, Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin, ended up second behind Brayton and could have perhaps challenged for the lead if not for the horrible start on his 250F. Musquin used some nice corner speed to catch and pass Gautier Paulin and Cedric Soubeyras and actually recorded the fastest lap time of the night by a few tenths over Brayton.

Paulin, rebounding from a crash-filled Friday night ended up third in a much improved ride. The Monster Kawasaki GP winner from this year looked more at home in front of a jam-packed arena.


The other American in the mix was veteran Mike Brown and all weekend long the #3 KTM rider was under the weather and it showed as he was forced to the lCQ each night and on the second night could only finish 15th.


But this weekend was all Justin Brayton as his whoop speed and being the only rider tripling in the middle of the rhythm section clearly showed his speed. He ends his three race European race series (Genoa, Bercy, Geneva) going 2-1-3-3-3-1-1 and setting himself as the modern-day Larry Ward (for you kids, Larry used to kill it in Europe during the off-season).


Results, Night Two:

1: Justin Brayton
2: Marvin Musquin
3: Gautier Paulin
4: Gregory Aranda

5: Jason Clermont
6: Cyrille Coulon
7: Fabien Izoird
8: Loic Rombault
9: Christophe Martin
10:  Jack Brunell



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