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10/25/2004 - KMC Wheels Now Sponsoring Justin Brayton


Justin Brayton, Ready to tackle the 2004 - 2005 National Arenacross Series with a new team an eye on the championship, and a new sponsor, KMC Wheels.

Justin Brayton cannot wait to race in the upcoming season opener of the National Arenacross Series in Des Moines, Iowa, considered his hometown race. Justin has recently moved to California to train and prepare for his season. However, he will never forget where he grew up. He is anxious to get the series started in front of, what he considers, some of the best fans.

“I love racing at Des Moines because the fans are always great. I am pumped to be on a new team and look forward to getting on the track and chasing the championship,” stated Brayton. He went on to say, “I have been training really hard all summer and feel my endurance is where it needs to compete. That, coupled with the bike’s performance, should be enough to put me on top.” Justin signed a two year deal with MotoworldRacing.com / Suzuki. The deal allows him to compete in the Arenacross Series and some guest rides in Supercross, once Arenacross is over.

Justin is always a favorite at Des Moines and, given his past, is certain to be a favorite in the fight for the series championship. Justin obtained Fourth overall in the 2003 – 2004 series. This was in spite of the team that he was then riding for. This year, he has a solid team and great team owner and manager behind him.

Recognizing Justin’s potential for this up-coming season, KMC Wheels has decided to sponsor Justin for 2005 and add him to their “Team” of premier athletes. Look for Justin in his truck, outfitted with shiny new 24’s in the near future. Stop by the MotoworldRacing.com / Suzuki rig and have Justin sign his new signature stock from KMC and MotoworldRacing.com / Suzuki. In support of Justin’s most recent sponsor, please visit KMCwheels.com to take a look of what they have to offer. They are, “like no other”

Justin is represented by THE AGENTS, an athlete management firm owned and operated by Buddy Antunez, five-time Arenacross champ, and Steve Aldaco, an attorney familiar with contracts and other areas of the law. If you are interested in having THE AGENTS work for you, contact Steve Aldaco on his cell at 951) 205-3348 or via e-mail at aldacos1@netzero.com .


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