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1/9/2008 - Justin Brayton Breaks Out and Gets 3rd at the Supercross Lites Opener

Justin Brayton breaks out and gets 3rd at the Supercross Lites opener

Justin Brayton breaks out and gets 3rd at the Supercross Lites opener.


Justin Brayton, now on the MDK/KTM team, sprang into action at the Supercross Lites opener in Anaheim.  In what is now his third year riding in the Lites class, he demonstrated what hard work and a great team can accomplish. 


“The bikes are incredible,” exclaimed Justin.  He went on to say that when the team received the bikes, he rode the ’08 KTM 250SX-F stock, and indicated it was “ready to ride, just like KTM claims.  In fact, it was surprisingly fast right out of the box.”  Of course, the team has put a lot of work and long hours into the race bikes, and MDK Speed is constantly developing new parts for the bike. 


Justin went on to say, “I have been putting a lot of hours at the test track and feel that I am in the best shape of my life.  I have put a lot of good people around me, and it is paying off.  Steve, my trainer, is a key component to keeping me on the right path.  My mechanic, Rick Simmons, keeps the bike tuned and whether I am racing, testing, or training, the bike is always awesome.”


“Everyone on the team is working hard, and between the parts that Factory KTM provides and those developed by MDK Speed, the bike rips. I have to thank the whole team, as well as all of the sponsors.  I also want to thank my personal sponsors, O’gio, Cytomax, Cannodale, American Racing, Kicker, and Team VRM.  They have all been very supportive throughout the years.”


After a taste of the champagne from the box, Justin is looking forward to the next race in Phoenix, as well as the rest of the series.  Come out to the race on January 12, 2008 at Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ.


For more information on Justin Brayton, contact Steve Aldaco at aldacos1@verizon.net or go to: www.justinbrayton.com.


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