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4/16/2008 - Deluge Sport Drink’s Justin Brayton Scores A Podium 3rd Place Finish @ Inaugural ESPN Moto-X Worlds


CARLSBAD, Calif., (April 15, 2008) – Deluge Sport Drink’s Justin Brayton (MDK/KTM) made a bit of history this past Sunday afternoon at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium when he landed on the podium of the first-

ever ESPN Navy Moto-X World Championships, a made-for-TV event featuring a slew of stars from motocross, FMX and supermoto.


Brayton, who’s currently contesting the Western Region (WSX) of  Monster Energy Supercross and sits in 7th place with one race remaining (Seattle), said one of the main reasons he was able to beat 

the torturous mid-90s degree heat on the floor of Qualcomm Stadium was that he thoroughly hydrated himself with Deluge Sport Drink.


“Deluge was about as important to me Sunday as my bike’s motor,” said Brayton. “And both worked great. Deluge kept me hydrated despite the intense heat and my MDK/KTM got allowed me to run at podium pace for Moto-X. I’m pumped to be able to put Deluge up on the box.”


Next up for Deluge Sport Drink’s Justin Brayton is Round 16 of Monster Energy Supercross at Seattle (April 26th).


Available in 32-ounce bottles with half the sugar of other Sports Drinks, while replenishing Electrolytes, and Amino Acids, Deluge Sport Drink is what high level athletes need to perform at their peak.  Deluge Sport can be found at ampm and other Convenience Stores in the  West, with more locations added every day.



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